Crestwood United Methodist Preschool

Parent Affirmations



We adore CUMC Preschool! Our only regret is that we didn’t switch from our previous Parents Day Out program to CUMC sooner! It has been a wonderful environment for our two boys. The teachers and staff are all amazing and truly seem to LOVE all the children! They have all been perfect! My kids have learned so much at CUMC to really excel and prepare them for school. They love to go to CUMC which makes it so nice. The daily feedback from the teachers is so helpful, too. I love how it is a faith based Christian program and they teach the children so much about God. It has truly been a blessing to send our two boys to CUMC. We will really miss it here one day, but I am so thankful it was a part of our children’s lives. Wonderful job by CUMC Preschool!


"We have attended CUMC Preschool for a total of 5 years combined with both of my children. The love and care our children have received is above and beyond any care in the county. The staff love on and nurture all of the children that walk through the door. Both of my children have finished up their tenure at CUMC in the 4-day pre-k class/curriculum. The teachers they have are both very well educated and both of my girls have graduated as readers – sight words and word recognition. The extracurriculars offered by the preschool are also wonderful. Both of my girls have enjoyed the Spanish program that is offered on a weekly basis. As our family will graduate from CUMC this spring, we will always hold a special place in our hearts for the foundation set both academically and personally, by CUMC. It’s a great place!!" 

“Is today a school day?” I hear this question from my daughter almost every day. You know that you have found a special place when your child would rather be at school. I have had the pleasure of being a CUMC parent and it has been a great experience. The friendships my daughter has formed are as important as the ones I have developed with the parents and teachers I have met at CUMC.

"The staff of CUMC Preschool has helped to lay the foundation of a love of learning for my son. He is excited to go to school. He can’t wait to share his new knowledge with his siblings and his daddy and me by teaching us the songs and games he has learned."

Our family is so grateful for CUMC Preschool! Our son made huge gains in the three years he attended and LOVED going to school every day. Not only is he academically ready for kindergarten, he is socially more mature and confident as a direct result of CUMC. The teachers and directors are skilled in making preschool fun and warm at the same time. Kids reach their high potential in these early childhood years. We are so glad to be a CUMC family and know our son has an incredible school foundation to build upon as he learns and grows. Thank you!

CUMC Preschool has been such a gift for our daughter! She was struggling socially and through the encouragement of her teachers and the many opportunities to engage with her peers – she has started to blossom! She also was excited to learn about things that I would have never thought to introduce her to – like space and measurement. I definitely feel like she is ready for kindergarten, even if I’m not!  

"Of course, I cried the first day I dropped her off at preschool, but I was soon put at ease when not even a week later almost every teacher in the building was greeting her by name. My husband and I were both so amazed at how much she was learning and how quickly. She came home excited to show off her artwork, sing us a new song, or tell us a story about her friends. The energy when you walk through the doors of CUMC Preschool is enthusiastic and caring – it looks like everyone is ready to have a great day.  What more could you ask?!"

I am in the unique position of being not only a CUMC Preschool parent but also a CUMC staff person. From my adjacent office, I can often hear the sweet chatter of little voices in the preschool below. I can also hear the responses of the preschool staff to said chatter. What has amazed me is that the staff consistently responds with kindness, patience, and love to those dear children. Even when a child is in need of correction or re-direction, the staff is remarkably patient and gentle. In my mind, that is one of the most important things in interacting with such tender hearts. I was nervous about sending my not-yet-3-year old to preschool, but after only one week she happily skipped in the door. I know this is because the teachers have created such a loving and nurturing environment.

We love CUMC preschool. All four of our children have gone through starting when they turn two. Not only do they do an outstanding job preparing kids for kindergarten socially and academically, the sincerity with which they nurture and love all children is above and beyond. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law, who are both in their 30’s now, actually went here when they were little. My sister-in-law even met her husband in her preschool class, all those years ago. It’s safe to say our family has been connected with the preschool for many, many years and the program has stood the test of time. When it came time for our littles to go to preschool, CUMC was the way to go. The teachers are amazing and there is little turnover of staff. Any turnover is always seamless. It’s clear the school, anyone involved with the school, and curriculum is solid and Christ-centered. The longevity of the school speaks for itself – 38 years! The administration, preschool board, faculty and staff are dedicated to preserving traditions the program was built upon and that have been so loved by so many for so long - all the while moving the program forward in positive ways that have the best interest of kids in mind. Can’t say enough great things. We have loved how well they love our kids. Hope this helps and we hope to see you around CUMC Preschool soon!